Tourism and conservation working in partnership.

21 years in 21 days: Day 10 - 2003

In 2003 we celebrated our 10th birthday and one of our members won an award for their great environmental initiative...

In 2003 we celebrated our 10th birthday with a cruise on the lake attended by 180 guests. We raised £1,000 with the sale of raffle tickets. I hear that a good time was had by all!

In the same year a long-standing member of ours, Cumbria House, set up a simple yet ground-breaking scheme to give a 10% discount to visitors who arrive by car. They were the first hotel in the Lake District to offer this incentive, and had 18% take up of the offer.

They also fundraise too, by asking for small donation when guest pay their bill. And for any business wondering if their visitors will want to donate to local project, the owners at Cumbria House say that in the three years they had operated the scheme, only 3 visitors chose not to donate.

In 2003 we said hello to Sarah Robertson, our office and finance manager who is still on hand here to do the important task of collecting all of the funds raised and distributing them to local conservation projects (amongst many other things!).