Tourism and conservation working in partnership.

21 years in 21 days: Day 8 - 2001

2001 was a difficult year for tourism businesses in Cumbria, and so we were delighted to be able to celebrate our 100th member -  Broadrayne Farm.

Broadrayne Farm, Grasmere, enabled us to hit the 100 mark, despite – and because of – the problems of foot-and-mouth affecting farms and tourism businesses.

Bev and Jo Dennison of Broadrayne Farm said ‘Foot and Mouth has made us take a hard look at ourselves. Tourism gives back little direct help to the landscape it so heavily relies upon. By joining The Tourism and Conservation Partnership we will be able to see for ourselves the money going directly into conservation work around us.’

The money raised by Broadrayne and other businesses in Grasmere in 2001 was used for the Grasmere Lakeshore Path project, which redirected a path away from fragile shore habitats.

New owners Sally and Dave Keighley continue to be great supporters of Nurture Lakeland, and Broadrayne Farm has raised over £2,500 for conservation to date.