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A boost for bees

We love hearing good news stories, and this week we've had some lovely pictures from Allithwaite Community Orchard and Apiary.

Allithwaite Community Orchard and Apiary received a Nurture Lakeland Small Grant in 2014, and have been busy transforming the Parish field.

Because of our great fundraisers and generous visitors the Orchard is taking shape and the Apiary now has 4 hives, and has been passed by the Bee inspector as disease free.

More native rare trees will be planted in November and extra pairs of hands will be most welcome. If you have been fundraising for our Small Grants Fund get in touch and we can arrange for you to get your hands dirty!

The group have also managed to raise funds for some benches an tables for the area. The next phase of the project is to raise funds for another entrance to the site for more public access, so watch this space.

Nick Lancaster, operations manager at Langdale Estate, and fundraiser for the Small Grants Fund says: " We rely on our stunning landscape to draw visitors to this beautiful county. The question we should ask ourselves is not 'why should my business get involved?', but simply, 'why not?'."

Could you help to fundraise for local conservation projects like this? To find out how easy it is to set up Vistor Giving in your business, get in touch. Email or call 01539 822622.


The young Orchard

A healthy Apiary


Planting native trees