Tourism and conservation working in partnership.

Images and how they help us protect the natural environment

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in Cumbria and the Lake District, we can conjure up images of the landscapes that surround us with our eyes closed. We have our own, internal mental Instagrams, YouTubes and Facebooks to remind us of the beauty of ‘home’. How about visitors?

It’s clear from social media how much people enjoy taking and sharing photos of their experiences in the outdoors. It’s an activity which will help to foster their attachment to the area. And from sharing photos, people who have never visited Cumbria may have an idea of the stunning landscapes and wildlife here and be encouraged to visit.

Research suggests that what you imagine in your mind impacts what you perceive in the world. When people imagine Cumbria, we want them to picture beautiful landscapes, and diverse and healthy habitats and wildlife. Showing the beauty of this place along with messages about the fragility of nature and the need to protect it, can help businesses and visitors perceive the role they can play to help.

This is why the generosity of local photographers, such as James Bell who enables us to use his wonderful images to promote visitor giving, is so precious to us. Professional photographs which capture Cumbria – the places, creatures and people – at their best are an inspiration.

So thank you to ALL the local image makers who go out there in all weathers, find the best shot in a million, and share it.