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Our Woman At The Top: Project Update 2015-16

Heart of the Lakes have committed to fundraising enough funds to support a Fix the Fells ranger, Sarah Anderson. Here is a summary of her work last year thanks to the fantastic fundraising commitment from Heart of the Lakes.

Sarah is the only female Uplands Ranger in the Lake District, and is probably one of the few female rangers in the country. Having finally dried their waterproofs from the 2015-16 winter months, this summer there was plenty to keep the team busy. In spring they were busy gathering materials for upcoming projects, and during the summer they worked on several sites including Dollywagon, Thresthwaite Cove, Striding and Swirral Edges, the Swirls path up Helvellyn and most recently Goats Hawse.

Work this year has focussed on maintenance - looking after what we’ve got and keeping it in tip-top condition. Through a combination of landscaping works, drainage improvement and stone work, Sarah has been working to make sure erosion doesn’t damage these current paths to a point where they would have to be replaced in the future.

The team has also been busy assessing the damage caused by winter storms. You may have seen from for yourselves when walking in the fells there are a number of areas that have suffered significant damage.

For now as we roll into winter, Sarah will be away from the fells but looking forward to building tree cages around the South Lakes and plenty of dry stone walling.

Thank you again Heart of the Lakes for all your fantastic support and fundraising efforts.