Tourism and conservation working in partnership.

Red Squirrels Northern England: Project Update 2015-16

The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is the only species of squirrel native to England. As a native species, the red squirrel is an integral part of our countryside and our natural heritage. Find out what RSNE have been up to thanks to our fundraisers...

Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) is a red squirrel conservation partnership working right across northern England. The project is principally based in Cumbria, Northumberland, Merseyside, Lancashire, north-west Durham and the Yorkshire Dales, in and close to areas where red squirrels are still living free in the landscape. 

All together our visitor giving businesses raised a fantastic £8,482 in 2015/16 for this wonderful project. Thanks to donations to visitor giving businesses, RSNE delivered 290 surveys last year, finding red squirrels in 44% of sites, and grey squirrels in 46%. Around 150 people were involved in carrying out this massive undertaking.

Monitoring is a key part of this conservation project. The bigger and more long-term the dataset, the more confidence we have that the results are a true reflection of what is happening to both red and grey squirrels here in northern England. The surveys record presence or absence of both red and grey squirrels which help give a picture of their distribution. This is turn helps RSNE to carry out conservation work in areas. where it is most needed.

Looking forward ....Work has started on the 2016 squirrel surveys and this year RSNE are aiming to visit over 300 sites throughout the red squirrel range. RSNE continues to focus on ensuring habitat space for red squirrels is maintained.

Nick Mason, Project Manager at RSNE, says, “Visitor Giving is a vital element of red squirrel conservation support in Cumbria. We remain hugely grateful to Nurture Lakeland and participating businesses for all their help. “

Thank you again to all of the local businesses who fundraise for RSNE!