Tourism and conservation working in partnership.

Visitor Giving

Visitor Giving is a simple way of inviting voluntary donations from visitors - inspiring them to help look after the places they love.

Tourism businesses collect the contributions their customers give. Whatever the type of business, there is a simple method of setting up a Visitor Giving scheme that can work for both the business and for the local environment.

The money raised supports a host of projects across Cumbria, delivered by many committed organisations that work to protect our beautiful landscape, support our local communities and promote our wonderful heritage.

What difference does Visitor Giving make to businesses?

'We rely on our stunning landscape to draw visitors to this beautiful county. The question we should ask ourselves is not, “why should my business get involved” but simply “why not?” It makes perfect business sense.' Nick Lancaster, Operations Director, Langdale Estate and Country House Hotel 

There’s no expense involved for the businesses doing the fundraising - they merely act as the conduit between customers and conservation. Being involved enables businesses to build tourist awareness of the natural wonders of the area, strengthen their relationship with local communities and make tourism more sustainable in the longer term. It can contribute to green accreditation. It also gives great opportunities for positive publicity and marketing

What difference does Visitor Giving make to the environment?

In 2013/14 our fantastic fundraisers collected £111,674 which was disbursed to a range of conservation projects and campaigns, from helping red squirrel populations, to nature reserve management, to fixing footpaths, to enabling school children to experience river ecology, to woodland planting, to encouraging car free travel around the area and more. We also disperse small grants of up to £1,000 to local community projects twice a year. Take a look at the directory of projects supported through Visitor Giving.

What difference does Visitor Giving make to visitors?

It’s a win-win: visitors are more connected to the places they love and experience that warm, feel-good factor from contributing to the future of a place which is close to their hearts. The scheme makes it really easy for thousands of visitors to contribute relatively small sums, which all add up to give a vital injection of funding for practical conservation. It enables visitors to ‘put something back’ with ease to help the natural environment that has made their holiday so special. 




How can I get involved?

For more information, take a look at these case studies:

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