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Love Your Lakes

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Love Your Lakes and Windermere Reflections aim to improve water quality in Lake Windermere and the surrounding catchment lakes. We're helping local businesses, residents and visitors to take simple lake friendly steps to support the reduction of harmful blue green algae blooms.

Blue green algae in the lakes is damaging to people, wildlife and pets. High levels of phosphates change the natural ecology of local lakes and act as a unnatural nutrient, causing blue green algae to literally ‘bloom’. The Love Your Lakes campaign makes it easy for people to reduce phosphate use at source - in our homes and businesses.

Love Your Lakes was delivered by Nurture Lakeland as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Project, Windermere Reflections 2011 - 2014. During the campaign, we visited local businesses, hosted events, and distributed information to 1000s of residents. We also produced a Love Your Lakes Property Pack, full of practical tips and case studies for businesses and home owners.

To find out more about the project and our achievements click on the image below to read the project evaluation report. 





We continue to spread the word about water quality around Windemere with our free resources for householders and businesses.

Prior to our work in Windermere, in 2010 we delivered Love Your Lakes in Bassenthwaite.  The Love Your Lakes Bassenthwaite Campaign Achievements report is available here

Since then, the rare vendace fish has reappeared in Bassenthwaite.